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Carol Cook's Articles and Citations

    Carol Cook is a creative writer and lecturer. Her column,Communication Through the Arts, was published in the Smokesignal, for a period of five years and also in The Catholic Standard. Other articles she has written have been published in magazines with global distribution. Professionally, Carol is a professional fundraiser having worked for The Republican National Committee (for now, Governor Haley Barbour), the Washington National Opera, the National Small Business Association and currently, The American Institute for Cancer Research. Prior to that she worked for one of the top 100 wealth management companies in the US doing investor relations and working with financial instruments.

    Carol has won many awards and honors. She is listed in the 2006-’07 Empire Who’s Who Registry Of Executives and Professional Women, The American Biographical Institute’s The Contemporary Who’s Who of Professional Women, The International Biographical Center’s International Woman of the Year in 2004 and the American Biographical Institute’s Woman of the Year for both 2005 and 2006.

    Carol is a lay minister in her church and lobbies on behalf of the Archbishop of Washington and the Center for Excellence in Education, founded by the late Admiral H.G. Rickover, father of the nuclear navy, where is she serves as a Board member (in addition to several other Boards).

Books by Patricia Daly-Lipe, PhD.
Forbidden Loves, Paris Between the Wars, Patricia Daly-Lipe, PhD.

What was love like in the era before annulments, reliable contraceptives, and acceptance of homosexuality? During the period between the wars, appearances counted and marriage was a life sentence without parole. From aviation to annulment, from an island in the Seine to the King of France, the Spirit of St. Louis permeates the story, but in so many different contexts.

Well researched, Forbidden Loves, Paris Between the Wars includes Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic; Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, Joseph Campbell and Hemingway in their own words; the Surrealist movement; lady pilots Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart; Black Thursday; the ravages from and newspaper clipping of the Great War; omens of a new war brewing, and much more.

Forbidden Loves visits an era of idealism and innovation on all levels, when Paris was the cultural capital of the Western world. Simple became sensational and the most treasured, intimate values became complicated and inaccessible. This is a story replete with historical detail, universal conflict, and sensational romance.

La Jolla, A Celebration of Its Past, Patricia Daly-Lipe, PhD. & Barbara Dawson

There are other charming books written about the jewel-by-the-sea, La Jolla, but this one adds a special touch that enhances our beautiful resort with fascinating facts from the past. Famous names such as Irving J. Gill, the architect, Ellen Browning Scripps, Charles and Anne Lindbergh, Gregory Peck, and Cliff Robertson, to name a few. The world renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography with its pioneers, such as Roger Revelle, is one of the many outstanding features and facts of a well written record of our paradise-on-earth village.

Myth, Magic and Metaphor, A Journey into the Heart of Creativity,a>
Patricia Daly-Lipe, PhD.

Myth, Magic, & Metaphor takes the reader on a journey—a journey of discovery.  The book was not written to provide answers.  It was written to provoke questions.  Tidbits of information about history, art, and literature, philosophy, mathematics, and music are investigated as components of the creative process.  In the end, the author hopes that this book will have encouraged the busy reader to stop and take the time to 'see' what only the heart can know.

"The goal for the reader of this book," says the author, "is not publication and fame. The goal is for the reader to become the writer and learn to 'think with a pencil'. It is a voyage of discovery, and maybe its real goal is simply the joy of knowing that the journey will never end!" Patricia Daly-Lipe encourages us "to experience the sense of wonder we knew as children, to use our imagination, to feel and absorb the world around us, to listen, not just to hear, to see, not just to look; in sum, to become intoxicated with life.  The tool is the heart; the medium is words."

Messages from Nature ,  Patricia Daly-Lipe, PhD.

How would it feel to be on a small sailboat far from land in gale force winds or suddenly subjected to a micro-burst? Are horses psychic? What was it like to be up at the helm of a 165-foot concrete schooner and, looking down the steps, see water gushing into the cabin? Did Sweet William come back to say goodbye? How can a puppy found starving to death in the Virginia countryside become a master sailor? Explore and discover the answers to these questions and more with the writer and her father in Nature's Wisdom, a collection of short stories and poems.

Scientific Articles by Sheila J. Maness:

Maness, S.J., Jezorek, J.R. "Simultaneous Separation of Neutral Organics and Inorganic Anions by Coupling Reversed-Phase and Ion-Interaction Chromatography" Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies 28 (18): 2921-2930, Nov 2005

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Dyer, R.B., Maness, S.J., Peterson, E.S., Franzen, S., Fesinmeyer, R.M., Andersen, N.H. "The Mechanism of Beta Hairpin Formation" Biochemistry 43 (36): 11560-11566, Sept 2004.

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Maness, S.J. "Characterization of the Dynamics of Beta Sheet Formation by Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy and Computational Modeling" North Carolina State University , 2003. (DISSERTATION)

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Bowman J.M., Braxton, M.S., Churchill, M.A., Hellie, J.D., Starrett, S.J., Causby, G.Y., Ellis, D.J., Ensley, S.D ., Maness, S.J., Meyer, C.D., Sellers, J.R., Hua, Y., Woosley, R.S., Butcher, D.J. "Extraction method for the isolation of terpenes from plant tissue and subsequent determination by gas chromatography" Microchemical Journal 56 (1): 10-18, May 1997

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